D2Service is a project to simplify and standardize the construction of two different CHP systems available on the market as far as possible, so that important components are easy to exchange at a later date. At the same time, the development of graphical operating instructions which explains the maintenance process to non-specialist installers step by step – very clearly, in 'IKEA' style is part of the project.
An evaluation phase at the start of the project is providing the blueprint. During this time, all seven project partners are analyzing the CHP plants and their components. This is based on the experience gathered in various national and international field tests.
The optimized service features will be tested in a field test under real conditions in the last phase of the project. Six units of each type of plant will be put into operation in private and public facilities at several European sites. All relevant data will be recorded for evaluation and should verify the components' extended durability outside laboratory tests. In addition, the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems will test the acceptance and user-friendliness of the manuals with installers who have no prior technological expertise, and will continue to improve them.
The three-year D2Service research project (Grant Agreement Number 671473) is funded through the Horizon 2020 European research programme and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) with a total of around three million euros. In addition to DLR, the other project partners involved are the manufacturers Ballard Power Systems Europe (Denmark) and SOLIDpower (Italy), the component developer Bosal Emission Control Systems (Belgium), the energy services provider Energy Partner (Italy) and the Zentrum für BrennstoffzellenTechnik (Germany)