Bosal ECS NV

The Bosal Group is headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. The group annual turnover in 2013 was in excess of € 840 million. The Bosal Group employs 5,600 people in 34 manufacturing plants, 5 R&D facilities and 18 distribution centers. Bosal’s main business is the mass production of sheet metal products: more than 120'000 tons of steel are processed in the production facilities each year. Automotive applications are the main line of business, realising 82% of turnover. The product range includes exhaust systems, towbars and roofbars. The industrial product portfolio lists precision steel tubes and tubular profiles, cabs for agricultural and industrial vehicles, and warehouse racking. Bosal’s line of high temperature heat exchangers is capable of exchanging 2 – 300 kW heat. The heat exchangers are used as recuperatores for micro gas turbines, Stirling engine preheaters and steamgenerators. The HEX technology is based on Bosal’s line of thin walled metal substrate catalysts, developed to withstand the high temperatures and vibrations close to the engine.Bosal develops its products at 5 research centres. Lummen based Bosal ECS NV is the leading research centre. Development for the European and Asian automotive markets aredone in Lummen, as well as all research on emissions, endurance, heavy duty and heat exchangers.

Key personnel:

Yves De Vos graduated at Brussels University (VUB) in 1983 with a Master of Physics.He got his Master of Applied Sciences and Engineering in 1990, while working as a materials science researcher at this university. He joined Bosal in 2000, holding positions in the fields of endurance and acoustics testing, emissions engineering and, since 2005, and high temperature heat exchangers. He is now responsible for publicly funded research projects, while managing customer accounts in the heat exchanger field.

Dr. ir. Jean-Paul Janssens graduated in 1983 at the University of Leuven (KULeuven) with a master of Applied Sciences and Engineering. After military service, he joined the university again for dissertational work. He got his Doctor in Applied Sciences and Engineering degree in 1992. From 1991 till 1996, he worked at Comprex AG (CH) as “Gruppenleiter Forschung”. He joined BOSAL in 1996, holding positions in the field of acoustics modelling, emissions engineering and high temperature heat exchangers in the Advanced Research Department. He is now BOSAL Group Director Research and heads the heat exchanger department.

Number of Employees:
Fields of Research:
Heat Exchange, Catalysts, Emission