Combined Heat and Power

A combined heat and power (chp) system is characterized by performing mechanical work. This work is converted into electricity. In addition processing and waste heat can be used for heating tab water or surrounding rooms.

In a fuel cell- powered chp no mechanical work is necessary to generate electricity. Electricity is generated directly by the chemical process itself. You can read how it works in detail here.

Depending on the users’ needs, different configurations are possible.

A household with high power requirements is able to use stacks of fuel cells to cover it´s need of electricity. In this case, the system liberates heat for use or storage.

If the primary use of the chp system is generating heat. The processing heat can be used to heat up water or the rooms nearby. The electrical current can be used or can be fed into the supplier’s grid of electricity.

What configuration is needed for your house has to be weighed and decided for every individual case.

A fuel call based chp system generates heat and green power.