Ballard P.S.E.

Ballard Power Systems Europe  formerly name “Dantherm Power” is a joint venture between Ballard Power Systems Inc. and Dansk Industri A/S. These partners bring extensive expertise in fuel cells and access to market.

The company started in 2003 as a R&D project within Dantherm Air Handling A/S.

Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S develops clean energy backup power systems, utilizing Ballard Power Systems’ hydrogen fuel cell technology, for telecom suppliers including Motorola and Ericsson. It also provide design and engineering services through his Technology Solution department and also support the bus service activity for Europe. Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S is an international enabler and the leader in Europe when it comes to the commercial application of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies both for stationary and motive application. We are involved in both Danish and international research initiatives within hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and are determined to stay at the absolute forefront, ready to introduce a reliable solution whenever and wherever hydrogen and fuel cells prove to be a commercially and environmentally viable alternative to traditional energy supply applications.

Tasks in this project:

  • Collecting information to identify field trials challenges from a serviceability stand point.
  • Support ZBT by providing System data in order to define the HDS design and test.
  • Optimize component to reduce cost of ownership of fuel cell system by reducing service time.
  • Support partners in writing manuals
  • Field trial : support partner in deploying system for service evaluation.

Number of Employees:
Fields of Research:
Fuel cell system integration for power back–up, power generation, fuel cell engineering services and motive application

Alan Menard, +4588435500