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Design Guidelines for easily understandable Service Manuals

This document contains recommendations for compiling and designing maintenance manuals for fuel cell-based micro-combined heat and power systems. It provides suggestions and examples for creating descriptions of maintenance procedures that are as straightforward as possible. Presenting information in as clear a manner as possible helps to prevent misunderstandings that could then lead to errors. It is also an opportunity to provide a simple introduction to the pertinent technology and the use of micro-CHP systems. The intent is twofold: to stimulate interest in this technology among technicians not yet familiar with it, and to provide a broader understanding of the technology. An additional, separate section provides examples for presenting simple procedures for inspecting system efficiency.

D2Service_Design guidelines for service manuals for fuel cell-based micro-CHP systems



Deliverable 1.1

Project Coordination, Financial and IPR Management, Dissemination and Public Awareness - Project Website



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Analysis of servicing costs and lessons learned from field test from major markets - Interim report with preliminary results



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Service manual (prescriptions and instructions to installers)