Energy Partner

Energy Partner has been settled in 2007, after the start of the photovoltaic feed in tariffs incentivation in Italy.
Since then Energy Partner has been installing more than 500 PV plants across Italy, including 13 of them coupled with H2 and Methanol
based fuel cell in the scope of the “Fuel Cell Powered Radio Base Station Project” funded by the EU.
Energy Partner does provide system design, installation, commissioning and post sale services capabilities.
Energy Partner is a Sunpower Premium Partner and Fronius Service Partner Plus.

Tasks in this project.

  •  EP will provide feedbacks about Fuel Cell based projects in Italy
  • EP will give contribution to new preventive maintenance schemes and service input proposals
  • EP will work closely with DTP to review PEM system current service costs and providing inputs to simplifying field activities (through the GUI),
            1) Planning
            2) Management
            3) Execution
  • EP will provide feedbacks and review, from the installer’s viewpoint, about the pictographic manuals provided from the Vendors
  • EP will be trained from SOFC and DTP in a “train the trainer” way in order to become a Certified Installer. EP will be able to train other
        installers in the future
  • Together with SOFC, DTP and BG, EP will draft a checklist for prospective Customer identification and selection
  • EP will install the system used during the project

Number of Employees:
Fields of Research:
Design, Installation and Commissioning of Renewable energy based plants, including energy storage.
Main focus is on photovoltaic energey and H2 based energy storage systems.