Energy Partner has been settled in 2007, after the start of the photovoltaic feed in tariffs incentivation in Italy.
Since then Energy Partner has been installing more than 500 PV plants across Italy, including 13 of them coupled with H2 and Methanol
based fuel cell in the scope of the “Fuel Cell Powered Radio Base Station Project” funded by the EU.
Energy Partner does provide system design, installation, commissioning and post sale services capabilities.
Energy Partner is a Sunpower Premium Partner and Fronius Service Partner Plus.


SOLIDpower SpA’s core business is the development, production and commercialization of SOFC-based power modules for the stationary market. Company focus is currently on micro-cogenerator appliances (mCHP) of small power (1-2,5 kW electric) for the distributed generation market which offers both high electric and thermal efficiency (typically 50% electric and 90% cogeneration efficiency). Starting from 2008, the company counts on a pilot production plant in Italy for manufacturing cells, stacks and Hotbox modules with a capacity up to 2 MW/year. SOLIDpower participates in the ene.field project as manufacturer of FC
generators and is dedicated to bring FC generator to commercial success within the next 3 to 4 years.