Related projects


PACE is a five-year project that will deploy more than 2,800 of the next generation Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration units in 10 European countries by 2021.



ene.field will deploy up to 1,000 residential fuel cell Combined Heat and Power (micro-CHP) installations, across 11 key European countries. It represents a step change in the volume of fuel cell micro-CHP (micro FC-CHP) deployment in Europe and a meaningful step towards commercialisation of the technology.

The programme brings together 8 mature European micro FC-CHP manufacturers into a common analysis framework to deliver trials across all of the available fuel cell CHP technologies. Fuel cell micro-CHP trials will be installed and actively monitored in dwellings across the range of European domestic heating markets, dwelling types and climatic zones, which will lead to an invaluable dataset on domestic energy consumption and micro-CHP applicability across Europe


Callux, Germany’s biggest practical test for fuel cell heating systems for domestic use, is a project launched together with partners from industry and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). As part of the national innovation program for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, which is coordinated by NOW GmbH, the industry, together with the BMVI, is investing 75 million Euros in promoting the use of this innovative technology.



The FCH-JU EU project FCpoweredRBS, started in January 2011 and targets the demonstration of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen market readiness by testing on-field a significant number powered Radio Base Stations.
While Telecom application are widely seen as an early market for these technologies a wide demonstration of their performances under real operating conditions is fundamental to assess their potential as well as to determine their real strength.