•  D2Service is a project to simplify and standardize the construction of two different CHP systems available on the market as far as possible.
  • The primary objective is to noticeably reduce costs and labour for repair work, thereby increasing the distribution of energy-efficient fuel-cell-based technology throughout Europe.
  • An evaluation phase at the start of the project will provide the blueprint. During this time, all seven project partners will analyse the CHP plants and their components, for example concerning maintenance and repair work, reliability, error statuses and spare parts.This will be based on the experience gathered in the various national and international field tests. 
  • Hot and Cold Components will be redesigned with more simplicity to ensure better handling and compatibility
  • The optimized service features will be tested in a labor continuously as well as in field test under real conditions in the last phase of the project. Six units of each type of plant will be put into operation in private and public facilities at several European sites, where all relevant data will be recorded for evaluation and should verify the components’ extended durability outside laboratory tests. 
  • In addition, the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems will developing a service manual and test the acceptance and user-friendliness of these manuals with installers who have no prior technological expertise, and will continue to improve them.

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